Rosco Mini-Mart LTD.

We do our best to make you Happy!!

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We sell 50# bags of corn at a price that is hard to beat!

We have Corn!

Price: $17.00

Our 50 pound bag of Sunflower seeds are at a price that no one has been able to beat.

Text Box: Sunflower Bird Seed

There is a large variety of candy within the confines of our store just waiting to be taken home.† You are likely to find something you havenít seen since you were a kid.


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Text Box: For our summer campers we have wood on hand that you are able to take into the campgrounds for firewood, since it is locally cut.


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Text Box: You will find Waltís Crawlers, as well as wax worms, in the small refrigerator, that are always good for fishing and checked before you leave the store.


There is a wide selection of chips, nuts, pretzels, and more to choose from.


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