Rosco Mini-Mart LTD.

We do our best to make you Happy!!

Here we are busy making some waffle cones!

About Us

Phone: (989)-275-5661


                 We have been a part of the Roscommon community for 12 years now; and have made many new improvements to our store to make it easier for you the customer to come in get what you need right away. There are many different products that we have to offer so you can do one stop shopping and still get a great price! We have recently put Diesel fuel in the back of the station for the customers that have a want/need for it.

                 We try many different things to make our store different from other stores. We make our own waffle cones,  cinnamon buns, and breakfast sandwiches, just to name a few. We also now do cash back on debit cards and as always take local checks.  And if you are throwing a big get together feel free to talk with Fred about a meat order and also about our balloons.  We would love to have you come check us out in person!

Always Improving For You!

Coming Soon…..

Picnic Tables to sit and enjoy your ice cream.     

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We take Pride in making our own cinnamon buns and many other different baked goods.


Here are some waffle cones just after being made!