Rosco Mini-Mart LTD.

We do our best to make you Happy!!

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We feature Wolf’s Head brand oil.


Price: $17.00

We offer a variety of prepaid phone cards, from Tracfone, Virgin Mobile, and Alltel. 

Text Box: Phone Cards

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We carry most brands of cigarettes and will also do special orders for a regular customer.  We ID all persons who look under 30!


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Text Box: At the back of our store you will find the beverage station, which has fountain soda, cappuccino, and coffee; all at fantastic prices.  Ex: 32 ounce soda for $1.09, a 12 oz cappuccino for $.75, and any size coffee for $.25.

Beverage Station

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Text Box: During the summer season you will find that we have soft serve ice cream, both chocolate and vanilla.

Soft Serve

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There are times when you will find specialty items within the store.  For example, during cherry picking time it is likely that you will find black cherries for the 1/2 pound ready to sell.

Specialty Items

Product List

To contact us call: 1(989)275-5661